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6:00 a.m., April 7, 2022

The Eastern Daily Press is launching a campaign today to try to help its readers through the growing cost of living crisis.

Increasing financial pressures are taking their toll on every single person in this region, so today we commit to doing even more to help you through this.

As part of EDP’s Your Money Matters campaign, our manifesto is as follows:

  • The EDP will allocate more resources to address the cost of living crisis.
  • Our reporters will commit to telling your stories and sharing both your struggles and your triumphs during this crisis.
  • We commit to not only reporting how people are being impacted, but also to helping find practical solutions to reduce the burden.
  • We will identify and highlight areas where people are being treated unfairly and advocate for change where necessary.
  • We will show ways in which people can financially support others who live on the subsistence level.
  • We will help local businesses highlight their problems and how they are trying to help consumers save
  • We want to do our part with savings offers and offers in newspapers and online.

Energy poverty Heating costs Heating costs Byline: Sonya Duncan
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EDP ​​Editor David Powles said: “We know that the rising cost of living is the number one issue affecting all of our readers right now.

“It feels like every single day brings a new report of rising costs, which is helping to put increased financial pressure on families, the elderly, couples and those living alone.

“I know we need to do more for our readers than just report on these increases. We must help find solutions, ways to make it easier, and areas to fight for so people can enjoy a better quality of life.

“This is our commitment to do a lot more on this matter and really try to make a difference where we can.”

Over the next few weeks we will be publishing a series of articles covering various aspects of the cost of living crisis.

The work is done by our reporters, reporters and business writers and investigative teams to ensure we are truly able to get to the bottom of the problem.

The UK is being hit by a perfect storm of rising inflation and higher taxes, and some experts are predicting we could be headed for a recession unlike any we’ve seen before.

It is feared this will plunge many hundreds of thousands more into poverty, including young and old.

The coronavirus pandemic has had an impact, as has the Russian attack on Ukraine, leading to an increase in fuel and other supplies.

(Image: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire)

Food banks could become even more important as more people sink into poverty (Image: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire)
– Photo credit: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

This has already impacted areas including fuel prices, rents and mortgages, utility bills to name a few.

As part of the campaign, we want to hear people’s personal experiences of how the crisis has affected them. You can also visit our website to take part in a reader survey on the subject.

If you are willing to take part in the campaign or have a story related to the campaign, please email [email protected]


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