Yogi launches e-pension portal


To mark Labor Day, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath launched a new platform – the e-Pension portal – to ensure transparent and hassle-free payment of pensions to retired government employees.

During the launch of the portal on Sunday, the Prime Minister said: “Labor Day marks the hard work and contribution of every worker to the growth of the state. The e-Pension portal will end the struggles of pensioners and make the process transparent, paperless, contactless and cashless.”

The portal takes note of grievances and grievances from government employees retiring from the service and tracks the status of their applications (PPO) and makes life easier for thousands of people who will benefit. “Through technology, Uttar Pradesh has brought revolutionary changes to the lives of its 25 million people over the last five years. The government is making consistent efforts to introduce technology in all areas,” the prime minister said.

Speaking about the portal, Yogi said that it is the finance department’s effort to end the pain and anguish of the elderly. “This end-to-end online pension portal is designed to simplify the process of claiming a pension and will save retirees the need to go anywhere,” he added.

Taking the opportunity, Yogi stressed making good use of the knowledge, experience and efforts of retired employees, which could help add value to the state’s progress and development.

Yogi praised the workers’ services, saying, “Every worker’s hard work counts and has contributed to the progress of the state. You are recognized as a ‘pension yogi’ and not a ‘pension bhogi’ since you are a ‘karm yogi’,’ he remarked.

Following the guidelines provided by the Union Government, the State Treasury Department has created the portal, which will have the ability to track the status of workers who are six months old and reach the age of 59. It will benefit around 11.5 lakh pensioners in the state.

This system was rolled out for state government employees and soon other departments will join the process, which will benefit thousands of people and leave no one running for a pension, the premier said.

Referring to the government’s efforts to provide workers with social and economic security, Yogi said that every worker, whether migrant or resident, received Rs. 2,000 insurance coverage and Rs. 5,000 medical insurance coverage. He also said that in order to provide proper education for the children of workers who continue to migrate to work, the government has also made provision for “Atal residential schools.”


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