The opposition promises predictable pensions and better health care


The opposition will restore the Swiss indexation method for calculating pensions and provide people with better healthcare if it wins the general election on April 3, officials from the LMP, the Democratic Coalition and the Socialist Party said on Wednesday.

The government’s reintroduction of the 13th month pension “is not enough to catch up on the last 12 years,” LMP co-chair Erzsebet Schmuck said at a joint press conference.

The new government will guarantee older people a secure livelihood, make health care accessible to them, and provide them with cultural and community services and educational opportunities, she said.

Democratic Coalition deputy leader Erik Konczer said the opposition will keep the 13th month pension when they form the next government and take more action on behalf of pensioners.

Elderly people must be given the option of flexible retirement, he said, stressing the need to introduce a pension correction system that prevents people with lower pensions from slipping into poverty.

Lajos Korozs, the (socialist) leader of the parliament’s welfare committee, said the opposition had vowed to officially recognize care as employment and pay caregivers the minimum wage.

The new government will set up a new advocacy system for pensioners, he said, adding that it would never make a decision regarding pensioners without first getting the opinion of older people.


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