The Herriman family was saved from a house fire by an off-duty firefighter, his wife


Herriman, Utah — No matter where she goes, Michelle Olson is always on time. Except last Thursday when she rushed to get her son to practice.

“That was the first time I was late,” she said. “I was four minutes late and I’m never late.”

However, those four minutes led her right in front of a Herriman house, where she thought she saw smoke.

“I went by two houses and just had the strongest feeling that I had to turn back,” she said.

Olson called her husband, who is a Murray firefighter, called 911 and then ran to the front door.

“When I rang the doorbell, nobody answered, so I just stormed out the door,” she said. “I see a man at the top of the stairs just staring at me and I screamed, ‘I think your garage is on fire!'”

Michelle Olson’s husband was just down the street and when he showed up, due to his firefighting background, he started opening fire hydrants when emergency responders arrived.

“I humbly say I did what any other firefighter would have done in those shoes at that moment,” said Stephen Olson.

Firefighters from the Unified Fire Authority were able to prevent the flames from spreading to the rest of the home.

The family, not even knowing a fire was burning, all got out safely.

“And then finding out we’re cousins ​​really blew my mind,” Stephen said.

The two families share the same last name, and after going through some records, it hit them.

“We were really placed and timed right so that we could make a difference for our own relatives,” Stephen said.

Those four minutes have blossomed into a lifelong bond, in a way both families find surreal.

“It was just an idolizing force. It was a miracle,” said Michelle.


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