TEDx Sioux Falls is opening applications to speak at the 2022 event


SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) – TEDx Sioux Falls is back in 2022 and is currently accepting applications to speak at this year’s event.

“I’ve always been that weird kid who likes to speak in public and talk in front of people,” said Wendy Mamer, 2020 TEDx Sioux Falls spokeswoman.

Mamer took the opportunity to do her own TED talk when the TEDx event was held in Sioux Falls 2020.

“It has always been a dream of mine to give a TED talk,” said Mamer.

“Nobody leads an unharmed life, but everyone deals with it differently,” she said during her 2020 TEDx Sioux Falls Talk.

But she never thought her subject would be so personal.

“We have to acknowledge what is hurting us first in order to make progress,” Mamer said during her TED talk.
“It was definitely the most vulnerable thing I could have been and shared the deepest emotional pain I had ever felt,” said Mamer.

Wendy’s Ted Talk was about her farmer’s father’s death by suicide and removing the stigma from mental health care, just one of the multiple topics shared by the local speakers in the final round of TEDx Sioux Falls.

“I say everyone has a TED talk, it’s just a remarkable story or something that inspires or motivates,” said Thad Giedd, organizer of TEDx Sioux Falls.

Giedd says this month anyone can apply for a TED talk at this year’s event where they share their story, discovery, or knowledge in front of a live audience of up to a thousand people with even greater online reach.

“We can represent stories from Sioux Falls or South Dakota or our area around the world,” Giedd said. “We have a lot of talks that have been very well received online … we have a talk by Shawn Sherman that has now received over two million international views.”

An international impact that could reach someone who needs to hear exactly what you have to share.

“I think we all have a story to tell and we could end up helping someone else,” said Mamer. “It’s scary, I say that, but being vulnerable seems to connect with people. I would encourage you, if you even remotely think about applying and seeing where the application takes you. “

The date for this year’s live event has not yet been set. Anyone can apply for this year’s TEDx Sioux Falls until January 31st.


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