SSS: Publication of year-end pensions in the first week of December


MANILA, Philippines – The Social Security System (SSS) has set the release date for December and 13th month pensions to the first week of December.

“We have coordinated with our partner banks to credit the pensions on specific dates in the first week of December so that our retirees can receive and use them in time for the holiday season,” said Aurora Ignacio, President and CEO of SSS, in a statement on Saturday .

Ignacio said 3.14 million SSS retirees will receive pensions worth P27.5 billion.

For pensioners whose payout account is with a Philippine Electronic Fund Transfer System and Operations Network (PESONet) participating banks or e-wallets or Remittance Transfer Companies / Cash Payout Outlets (RTCs / CPOs), the following dates for the crediting of the pensions are listed:

-December 1 – if the event is from the first to the 15th day of the month

– December 4th – if the day of default is from the 16th to the last day of the month or if the 18-month advance pension is used

Pensioners whose payment accounts are held with a bank that does not participate in PESONet will have these pensions credited to their account by December 4th at the latest.

For retirees who receive their pensions by check, the SSS has partnered with the Philippine Postal Corporation to expedite the payment of their pensions.

In the meantime, those whose pensions have been suspended due to previous non-compliance with the Annual Retiree Endorsement Program whose accrued pensions are now to be resumed will receive their 16th account – or the day of the emergency – if with a non-PESONet bank payout account.

The SSS said pensions will follow their regular imputation schedule after December this year.

“For retirees whose payout account is a bank or e-wallet or RTCs / CPOs participating in PESONet, this is the first day of the retirement month if their emergency date is from the first to the 15th and 16th day of the month, if their entry date is from the 16th until the last day of the pension month. For those drawing their pensions through non-PESONet banks or checks, it will apply on their emergency date, ”the SSS said.


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