Special city get-together on August 31st in Williamsburg


Published: 08/22/2021 12:05:44 PM

WILLIAMSBURG – A special town meeting will be held at the end of the month to address four financial matters, including remittance of nearly $ 300,000 to pay for a new culvert on Depot Road and HVAC units at Anne T. Dunphy School .

“We just hope the city agrees to move forward on these articles,” said city administrator Nicholas Caccamo.

The meeting will take place on August 31st at 7pm in the gym of the Anne T. Dunphy School. The warrant contains four articles and was finalized by the Select Board at its meeting on August 12th. Participants are asked to wear face covering during the session.

Two articles concern the transfer of funds from the city’s stabilization account: $ 217.872 to build a culvert on Depot Road and $ 81,292 to replace HVAC units at Anne T. Dunphy School.

Board member selected William Sayre said the city had received a $ 350,000 grant for the culvert project and the transfer would cover the remaining costs.

“The current culvert is failing,” said Sayre. “It needs to be replaced.”

He also said that if the culvert is not replaced, the road may have to be closed until a new one is built.

A second $ 81,292 from the stabilization account would cover costs related to the HVAC system at Anne T. Dunphy School.

Sayre said there was an ongoing problem with the school’s HVAC system and that the units needed to be replaced. He said the replacement will be funded by the Department of Education with $ 86,000 from the federal CARES Act, $ 15,000 from ESSER II funds, and the item would provide the remaining funds needed.

Caccamo said that the calling of the town meeting was primarily driven by the culvert and HVAC projects.

Two other articles deal with spending $ 1,927 from the Water Company Fund to pay a bill from the previous fiscal year and $ 34,779 from the Sewage Company Fund to pay the balance of the 2021 Fiscal Year Sewer Service Appraisal to Northampton.

“These are basic household items,” said Sayre.

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