Showplace celebrates the production of its 3 millionth closet


Harrisburg, SD (KELO) – All of the increased construction work has resulted in an increase in production at Showplace Cabinetry.

The South Dakota company has been in business for 22 years and continues to set new records, including another major milestone this week.

“Each individual cabinet that passes through our facility is given an associated ticket,” said Showplace Marketing Director Hannah Gebauer.

But this week, hundreds of employees were surprised with a very special order making its way down the production line.

“We chose a golden ticket and it has accompanied this cabinet all the way from cutting at the beginning of the line to assembly and packaging,” said Gebauer.

The golden ticket marked the three millionth cabinet Showplace employees have built since opening.

“This is a big milestone for us,” said Gebauer. “Showplace has been in the community for 22 years now, we started in 2000 and each of these cabinets were built right here in Harrisburg.”

This important milestone came much earlier than expected, mainly due to the increased demand Showplace has experienced in recent years. It means adding quite a bit more staff to make that happen.

“It took us much longer for the first million and the second million, we only made 100 cabinets a day,” said Gebauer.

Today, the 650 employees in Harrisburg and Beresford produce more than 800 cabinets every day.

“We hired 60 people last year who helped us ship an additional 30,000 cabinets in 2021 compared to 2020,” Gebauer said.

From start to finish, it takes many hands to make each cabinet; Showplace says around 250 people were involved in building the company’s three millionth cabinet.

“That’s a massive number,” said longtime Showplace customer Mark Rohrich.

Mark Rohrich, owner of Carhart Kitchen & Bath, says the work of these dedicated on-site employees has made his Nebraska shop a lifelong Showplace customer.

“I started with Showplace from the day they opened,” said Rohrich. “Buying Made in the USA is a big deal to me.”

So it was very fitting that this gold ticket order came from this lifelong local customer.

“The cabinet will go to a homeowner in Norfolk, Nebraska,” said Mandy Humphrey, designer at Carhart Kitchen & Bath.

This particular cabinet will be heading to its final home next week. In addition to the special label on the shipping carton, it also features a small mark inside the drawer as a special reminder of this major milestone for the Harrisburg-based manufacturer.


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