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Take advantage of self-transfer, combining planes, buses, and trains to create an itinerary perfectly tailored to your travel plans wants to challenge the traditional way of selling tickets by developing innovative travel hacks, and self-transfer is the hack at the core of our product.

Thanks to our advanced Kiwi code, which searches 95% of the world’s travel inventory, we help our customers to create itineraries using different modes of transport operated by different airlines. We let you choose from thousands of flight, bus and train routes to create your ideal one-way ticket. In practice, this is called “virtual interlining”, i.e. self-transmission. It’s easy, inexpensive and gives you a tremendous range of travel options.

Watch our video to see how self-transfer works

Not sure how to get from A to B? Enter your origin and destination on our Home page, customize your search with our flexible parameters, and the Kiwi Code presents you with detailed itinerary options with clear self-transfer instructions. Choose a combination and pay one price for the entire trip. job done.

With such an extensive directory of connections, you have complete freedom to choose exactly when and how you want to travel. combines trips from tour operators who don’t normally work together, so we can bring you great deals on itineraries you won’t find anywhere else.

Make the most of your trip with self-transfer

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Self-transfer allows you to take a mini-trip at your stopover point. Since you take care of your own transfer from one vehicle to the next, you are not physically tied to a terminal’s transit zone. If you’re up for a spontaneous adventure, hop off and discover what your stopover city has to offer – you might find unexpected inspiration awaiting you.

Rest assured you have the best deal out there

Not only do we offer thousands and thousands of itinerary combinations (if you can’t find a specific itinerary on, it probably doesn’t exist), we do it at great value. Our prices have always been very competitive, but don’t just take our word for it – Book your next short break now.

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