Proclamation in support of local business on Small Business Saturday and every day


SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) – After eating turkey this Thursday, the holiday weekend turns into a shopping extravaganza for many families. But on Tuesday, Sioux Falls guides gathered to remind Christmas shoppers of the importance of doing local shopping this holiday weekend.

“In South Dakota, 99 percent of the businesses in our state are small businesses and they employ nearly 60 percent of the working population,” said Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken.

Mayor TenHaken read Saturday’s small business proclamation in the city, emphasizing the important role that all small businesses play in the local economy.

“The small business community is really at the heart of our community,” said TenHaken.

“Think about the nonprofits in your community,” said Kevin Nyberg, owner of Nyberg Ace. “It’s the small businesses, the independent companies, that make these nonprofits successful. I am part of it and proud to be part of it. “

Nyberg has plenty of local small business owners encouraging shoppers to try their local stores out while filling their Christmas shopping lists, especially given the ongoing global supply chain problems.

“You have to give us a chance, I know many, many, many small companies that have stocked up and react faster than large companies. That’s a plus for small businesses, we can react quickly, whether it’s weather or heat, ”said Nyberg.

“We have so many fun one-of-a-kind items, little gifts that go great in a stocking filler,” said Amanda Wermers, owner of Game Chest.

Game Chest is another popular local store over the holidays.

“Christmas time makes up about a quarter of our annual sales,” said Wermers.

Wermers says that not only do you get hard-to-find items from your local dealers, but much better service too.

“Our specialty is taking something very complicated and complex and narrowing it down so that parents or buyers have a confident understanding of what they’re getting their boyfriend,” said Wermers. “If you go to a large physical store or Amazon, they can’t narrow your search for you. “

This is just another reason to check out your local businesses, especially this weekend for small business Saturdays.

“We call on the residents of our community to support small businesses not only on Small Business Saturdays, but above all throughout the year,” said Mayor TenHaken.

Small Business Saturday is November 27th this weekNS. It’s a day many small business owners like the Game Chest Reserve for their biggest sales of the year. A time to encourage and celebrate customers to shop locally.


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