Pension, how much am I entitled to with 20 years of INPS contribution? The calculation


The question of the amount of the monthly pension is always confused. However, the INPS has specific interests. Let’s see what happens with 20 years of contributions.

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In Pension system Italian is all about the INPS. In this context, workers try to find out what monthly wages they are entitled to before they retire. This is not an easy topic because there are so many variables to consider. Obviously, there are no such cases. Each case has its own story that needs to be evaluated.

The first requirement known to everyone is the minimum age of 67 years in 2021. Age marks the end of Work performance and access to the world of retirement planning. Although, as is well known, there are some situations that can lead to early retirement. In the working years, contributions are mandatory in order to then form the final amount of the pension.

Then there is the Contribution amount of at least 20 years. And that’s exactly what the discussion is about. Many want to know how much is due to him. Let’s look at an example that clarifies the situation a lot.

INPS: What is the pension after 20 years of contributions?

As we know, calculating the pension is not easy. The contributions, which can be of different types, must be included in it. Not only the work but also others. As reported by Pocket protrusions, we talk about it figuratively. These are accounted for without any financial burden. However, if you do not have access to these posts, you can still access other concessions. Everything for integrate the contribution amount. For this reason, it is important to know the amount that will be received.

In order to perform a calculation it is necessary to have the Transformation coefficient. It would be the same for a 67-year-old test person with 20 contributions 5.575%. This measure applies until December 31, 2022. The coefficient applies to the contribution amount. What subordinate workers of the 33% the year.

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Let’s take an example of a worker 30,000 euros gross per year. In 20 years he will be able to score 198,000 euros in contributions. The pension would be in this case 11,000 euros gross per year. In the reference case, the minimum amount of the pension is also included, which must be a minimum 1.5 times the social benefit. At the end of the speech, the amount that will be allocated to the pension will be 690.42 euros gross in the current year.

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