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Former Pastor Stanley Baldwin has conducted many funerals, but he wants to be present at his own funeral service.

As a former pastor, Stanley Baldwin conducted many funerals. And then he noticed that memorial services and celebrations of life were beginning to replace burials.

“Now that I’m 92, I’m thinking about my own departure, even if it’s not imminent. But if I’m ever going to celebrate my life, I’d prefer to be there,” the Oak Grove resident said.

That’s why Baldwin is hosting his own celebration of life as part of his latest book launch. Appropriately, his latest book is entitled “I Didn’t Want to Leave Without Saying Goodbye”.

Baldwin’s life celebration will include the usual verbal tributes from friends, neighbors, fellow writers and pastors, Baldwin said.

Musical ensemble Jeff Wold, a string-accompanied quartet, will perform “I’ll Fly Away” and “A Beautiful Life” and provide background music during lunch. PHOTO COURTIER: STANLEY BALDWIN - Stanley Baldwin's 'I Didn't Want to Leave Without Saying Goodbye' is available now on Amazon.

Following the celebration of life, Baldwin will present his new 215-page book, composed of stories of human interest primarily about Oregon people and places.

“Before, between and after each activity, there is time to reconnect with family and friends and meet new ones,” Baldwin said.

“I Didn’t Want to Leave Without Saying Goodbye” is “so pro Oregon, in the sense that it praises its scenic beauty and livability, that the book really should be promoted by the Oregon tourism industry,” Baldwin said.

He noted that instead of interviewing people for the book, he trained individuals in his large extended family to write their own stories.

He urged them to “re-enact the events so your readers can be right there with you and experience it the way you did.”

He added that the title of the book “came up through our brainstorming together and is a nod to my age of 92.”COURTESY: STANLEY BALDWIN - Oak Grove author Stanley Baldwin holds a copy of The Pardonable Sin, published in 2015.

The Story of Ameerah Haqq

“Homeless at Age 15” is one of the stories in his new book that touched him, Baldwin said.

In it, “Ameerah Haqq shines as she describes the sheer joy of Christmas as a mother in a normal family,” he said.

Haqq, the eldest of seven siblings, had seen her father jailed in Colorado for identity theft, her mother disqualified and all the children taken into custody.

“Her siblings were sent to live with an aunt, but Ameerah, who was discovered to be unrelated, was essentially abandoned,” Baldwin said.

A chance at normal life came when she was taken in by Oregon relatives she’d never known, but two years later she was hit by a speeding car at a crosswalk. With injuries that left her hospitalized for months and her caretaker crying, Ameerah clung to hope.

“Today, she’s one of my heroes because she refused to be consumed with self-pity and anger,” Baldwin said.

Instead, “she chose luck and will be at the book launch party with her husband and their two young children,” he added.


“A theme that runs through the book is that healthy relationships depend on forgiving one another for the wrongs we have suffered and accepting the mistakes of others,” Baldwin said.

“Not only do the stories show that, but the very existence of the book shows it, with 12 strong-willed, very different people writing together to make it a reality,” he added.

“At a time when our nation is essentially in a cold civil war over political and religious differences, our survival and certainly our well-being depends on finding a way to be the United States again,” he noted.

The foreword of the new book quotes the ancient prophet Amos: “Do two go together unless they have agreed upon it?”

Baldwin added, “Once we commit to walking together, we can find ways to do that.

celebration of life

When: July 23 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m

Where: Covered Picnic Area A adjacent to the Milwaukie Community Center, 5440 SE Kellogg Creek Drive, Milwaukie

Details: bring your own lunch; Alcohol is not allowed. A complimentary lunch will only be provided for those who have pre-registered.

Meet Stanley Baldwin

He has deep ties to Oregon, having been born in Bend and then living in Portland from the age of 12, where he graduated from Washington High School.

From 1956 to 1957 he was founding pastor of Calvary Community Church in Albany and pastored churches in Corvallis and Burns for the next 20 years.

He was pastor of Village Church in Carol Stream, Illinois.

Four of his published books have each sold more than 250,000 copies: “Kink and I”, “Your Money Matters”, “What Did Jesus Say about That?”. and “Love, Acceptance and Forgiveness”. His books have been translated into 11 languages ​​and he has lectured abroad in Nigeria, India, Japan, Singapore, Fiji, Taiwan, the Philippines and Australia. He frequently speaks at writers’ conferences in the United States. He has also been Director of International Christian Writers since 1996.

He and his wife, with whom he was nearly 74, have traveled the world but have called the Portland area home since 1976, when he became a freelance writer.

For a list of books written by Stanley C. Baldwin, see Online

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