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DENVER (CBS4) – The City of Denver honors those who have been victims of road accidents, including those who died while walking or cycling on the streets of Denver. The Denver Streets Partnership is holding a vigil on Sunday between 4:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. on the pedestrian bridge behind the Denver Wastewater Management Building on 2000 W 3rd Avenue.

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According to the city, 74 people have died in road accidents so far this year, and since the city launched its Vision Zero program in 2016, 378 people have died in accidents. The aim of the program is to stop these fatal and / or serious accidents by 2030.

The city wants to achieve this through “traffic calming measures, safer pedestrian crossings, improvements at intersections and better bike paths”. The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure also asks drivers to drive soberly and undistractedly and to adhere to the speed limits.

Earlier this month, Denver voters approved Question 2C, which asked for $ 63,320,000 in bonds to repair and upgrade the city’s transportation and mobility system. The money is to include new bicycle infrastructure in the neighborhoods of Globeville, Elyria-Swansea, South and Central Denver. The 300 miles of sidewalk gaps in Denver are also expected to be closed, with an emphasis on building and improving sidewalks in underserved neighborhoods.

The loan will also fund the rebuilding of Morrison Road, improvements to Peoria Street, and the upgrade of the 5280 Trail through downtown Denver.

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As part of the Memorial Day, the city will install a banner on the pedestrian bridge of the Denver Wastewater Management Building, which will be visible from Interstate 25, it said. The banner will encourage drivers to slow down.

Allison Ramirez, an artist at Set Forth Creative, designed the banner. She shared what inspired her during the design:

It is important to me to raise awareness of the need for safer driving and I am humble enough to have been able to do it with Vision Zero and the Denver DOTI division. This design was heavily inspired by the streets of the city of Denver itself. The elements within the banner are intended to reflect street signs, zebra crossings, skyscrapers, geometric street art, and even the area around the banner – the bridge and its architecture.

The vigil was also intended to honor United Nations World Memorial Day for victims of road accidents.

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