Microsoft Edge may soon let you edit images before saving them


what you need to know

  • Microsoft Edge Canary has a new feature that allows you to edit an image before saving it.
  • The tool supports cropping, rotating and other adjustments to photos.
  • The Image Editor is available as part of a controlled rollout to Edge Canary.

Microsoft Edge has a tool in the works that will make it easier to capture content from the web. The latest version of Edge Canary includes a feature that allows you to edit images before saving them. The feature was first introduced by Leo Varela on Reddit and is available as part of a controlled rollout to Edge Canary.

Right now if you right click on an image you will have the option to save it. This is fine for capturing the exact image that’s on the screen, but it’s fairly limited. For example, I often have to crop images from press releases. It’s not difficult, but I have to save the image, open a photo editor and crop the content. With this new feature, I was able to do all of that right in Edge.

Based on screenshots of the tool, the image editor supports cropping, adjusting, filtering and marking. The adjustment function supports a variety of filters and effects, for example to make a photo more dynamic or lively.

Microsoft Edge built-in image editor

(Image credit: Leo Varela)

None of these features are groundbreaking, but it’s nice to have them built right into a browser. The web is increasingly the primary source for viewing content. The ability to save any image from the web while also having the ability to crop, adjust, or take notes on the photo is a nice addition.


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