NEW YORK, June 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Mason Tenders’ District Council Welfare Fund, Annuity Fund and Pension Fund (collectively, the “Funds”) recently discovered an incident that compromised the confidentiality of information relating to certain individuals who participate in and receive benefits from the Funds receive it, may have affected . While the Funds are not aware of any actual or attempted misuse of information related to the Incident, they are providing information about the Incident and actions individuals can take to help protect their personal information to potentially affected individuals, if they deem it necessary keep .

On April 17, 2022the Funds became aware of suspicious activity involving certain of the Funds’ computer systems. The Funds immediately launched an investigation, with the assistance of external forensic specialists, to determine the nature and scope of the activity. The investigation of the funds revealed that unauthorized access to certain computer systems of the funds existed in the meantime December 2, 2021 to April 18, 2022. While on the network, the unauthorized actor had the opportunity to access certain directories stored in it. As a result, the Funds conducted an extensive review of the content of the registers to determine what sensitive information was contained and to whom that information related. On June 14, 2022the Funds’ review found that the registers contained certain information relating to some of the individuals who participate in and receive benefits from the Funds.

The Funds noted that the information affected by this event varied from person to person, but may include specific people’s names, social security numbers, dates of birth, medical information, and health insurance information.

The Funds will send notification letters to individuals whose proprietary information was included in the affected records and may have been accessed by unauthorized persons, provided the Funds have valid mailing addresses for those individuals. Interested parties can find more information about the event at You may also write to the Funds at 520 Eighth Avenue, Suite 600. New York, NY 10018-4196.

SOURCE Mason Tenders’ District Council Welfare Fund, Annuity Fund, and Pension Fund / Mullen Coughlin LLC


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