Jameis Winston changes his attitude as “game manager”


Does the public have to prepare for a new version of Jameis Winston? That can be the case.

Winston is known for his gunslingers as a quarterback. When he got back to college, he wasn’t shy about throwing the ball around the yard and making mistakes. In 2019, his final season as a starter, he led the NFL in both passing yards (5,109) and interceptions (30).

But Winston may have a new take on QB gaming. It sounds like he might be ready to play more conservatively now. He even has a different view of the Game Manager label.

“I never wanted to be considered a game manager” Winston admitted to NFL Networks Steve Wyche and Jim Trotter on an upcoming episode of the Huddle & Flow podcast. “… But really, this game manager is not a bad piece. That’s something I think about when you’re a professional quarterback. To be able to not only do the things that you can do, but also to do the things that you shouldn’t – like what not to do or what I can do. “

There have been some thoughts Winston could be successful on a new offensive and with a new coach. Winston was # 1 overall in Tampa Bay in 2015 and played with them for five seasons. He signed up last year to support Drew Brees. Now he will compete with Taysom Hill for the starting place.

If he’s ready to be more careful with the ball, Winston could turn a corner as quarterback.

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