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SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) – A popular breakfast and lunch spot in downtown Sioux Falls is currently closed for a major renovation. The changes Josiah’s Coffee House is making to serve even more customers in today’s Your Money Matters.

“Every day you come here and we’re pretty busy, even on weekdays, let alone weekends,” said Josiah’s owner Kibbi McCormick.

Josiah’s fans know the long lines and often crowded sidewalks.

“We’re going to have a line up to the counter, down here, and then they start wrapping around the table and going out the door,” McCormick said.

Managing that line while making sure the people who dine at the tables enjoy their experience is one of the main reasons for this major makeover.

“It was kind of intrusive to all the people sitting here on the main streets. What we’re trying to do is have a little more privacy for the customers who are already seated,” McCormick said.

They ripped down the walls of the former private room to create more seating and add some upgraded bathrooms. Then they move the snake to the window wall and rearrange the stalls and tables so the snake doesn’t get in the way of people eating.

“It’s more of the openness and the flow, it was just something that had to happen,” McCormick said.

This project isn’t just about changing the customer dining experience, it’s also about changing the kitchen. This area will be a large walk-in cooler and then more kitchen space will be added so you can prepare all your food even faster.

“We were limited to about four feet by seven feet considering making pancakes, french toast, bacon for the whole restaurant; I’ll never know how they did it,” McCormick said.

Josiah’s also received daily food deliveries due to lack of cool space – but that will all change once a key part of the project finally arrives.

“Of course with Covid and everything is being pushed back,” McCormick said. “We ordered this walk-in cooler for Thanksgiving and it won’t be here until the end of August.”

But don’t worry, the restaurant won’t be closed that long. They plan to open before the Easter weekend, with the dining room being redecorated with all the same furniture and ascetics, just a new flow where you wait to order and find your seats.


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