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SHOPPERS can save up to $1,500 by planning their meals, sticking to their list and choosing the right store to visit, money-saving experts say.

The cost of groceries has skyrocketed amid inflation and the cost of living crisis as shoppers across the country feel the pinch.


Buyers feel the brunt when prices shoot up due to inflationPhoto credit: Getty

According to the consumer price index, food prices in February 2022 are 7.9 percent higher than in the previous year.

The cost of meat, fish and eggs has increased by around 13 percent compared to February 2021, while the price of fresh fruit has increased by around 10 percent.

A family of four is believed to waste about $1,500 on groceries annually.

Experts have shared seven tips that can help shoppers keep their in-store costs down.

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Up to 40 percent of the food produced in the US is wasted.

Joel Larsgaard, the co-host of the How To Money podcast, told GoBankingRates, “Failing to plan your meals can lead to aimlessness.”

Shoppers are encouraged to purchase products that can be used to prepare multiple meals.

Americans should also think about how to turn leftover lunch into dinner.


Shoppers who have different retailers in their area should compare prices and shop around.

You can find cheaper products elsewhere.

Larsgaard suggested that Trader Joe’s, Aldi or Lidl might be the ideal places to go.

stick to your list

Shopping for items that aren’t on your list can easily fall into a trap for those who enjoy going to the store.

You might start making impulse purchases, especially when you think you’ve spotted a bargain.

Shoppers may end up adding items to their shopping cart that they don’t need or want.

Larsgaard recommended shoppers buy their groceries online.

He said: “It will make sure you only get the stuff on your list.”


Shoppers may be able to save some money by visiting stores on the right day.

Penny Pinchin’ Mom’s Tracie Fobes told GoBankingRates, “Make sure you shop at a time when you can be sure you’re getting all the store has to offer.”

A former Aldi employee in the US revealed that Wednesday is the best time to visit.

They said this is the time when new products come out and the products go on sale, according to Taste of Home.

If you can make it to a store in the morning, you’ll be beating everyone else for the best bargains.

There is no specific best time to shop in the UK, but the chain advised shoppers to shop either first thing in the morning or after 5pm to avoid the rush.


Larsgaard said shoppers should be mindful of what they are buying to avoid waste.

He said, “As Americans, we generally tend to overeat.”

Sometimes stores have offers that are hard to resist, but the expert warned food should be portioned and kept in the freezer to keep it from spoiling.

But experts warn that grocery shoppers shouldn’t buy items just because of a recipe.

Teri Gault, the author of Shop Smart Save More, told GoBankingRates: “If your shopping list is based on ingredients you need for a recipe, you will end up overpaying for about 80% of what goes into your shopping cart. “


Choosing to buy private label products could be the right way to save money.

Just because an item may not have a recognizable brand logo does not mean it is not of good quality.

Shoppers could get a bargain by trying out new products.

Larsgaard warned, “If you choose a well-known brand, stop and think again.”


Flipp and Checkout51 are among the apps that can be downloaded to help shoppers find the best deals.

Americans using Flipp can enter their shopping list and an algorithm will identify the best local deals available.

Checkout51 offers buyers ways to save money when they go to their local store.

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Savings opportunities are published every Thursday, so users should check the app weekly.

You can get cashback for brands like Mountain Dew, Dove, and Kellogg’s.

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