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California Governor Gavin Newsom highlights new fire extinguishers and his proposed $ 2 billion investment in forest fires and emergency preparedness at a press conference at the Cal Fire Air Force Base in McClellan Park, Sacramento County on Monday, May 24, 2021.

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The basics: How does an election recall work in California? It’s complicated.

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The callback team: The three men who could defeat Gavin Newsom.

By David Siders for Politico Magazine

“The homebrew Republican campaign to recall the governor of California is either a triumph of grassroots democracy – or a sign that there are no more rules in politics.”

Money is important: Who is funding the Newsom recall campaigns? From CalMatters’ Ben Christopher

“The big bucks for both sides in the California recall election comes from the same wealthy enclaves and not so much from abroad.”

The Jenner Problem: For transgender leaders, Caitlyn Jenner is “the figurehead we don’t want”. From the Dustin Gardiner of the San Francisco Chronicle

“She’s completely aloof,” said Salcedo, president of the TransLatin @ Coalition, an advocacy group. “All of this is really about her. It’s not about the issues, not about the people. “

Future of CA callbacks: The problem with Gavin Newsom’s recall. By Ronald Brownstein for The Atlantic

“The drive could trigger another form of recall: it could eventually lead California to see if the 110-year-old state law regulating recalls still makes sense in our modern era of relentless partisan conflict.”


Gov. Gavin Newsom had company in his house over the weekend in the form of a Direct action everywhere Protest against factory farming.

The protest outside the governor’s residence began Thursday morning and lasted until Saturday when protesters marched to the Capitol for an afternoon demonstration.

Protesters outside Governor Newsom’s home held up a giant picture of Newsom’s head, gave speeches and training courses, and also addressed Newsom’s neighbors.

The protest draws attention to factory farming in the US state of California, which Direct Action Everywhere has been campaigning against for some time. The activists are calling for Newsom to sign an executive order introducing an immediate moratorium on factory farms and slaughterhouses across the state.

“Californians are shocked to see the brutality happening behind closed doors and even more so when they find out that the state is actively funding this abuse,” said the executive organizer of Direct Action Everywhere Almira Tanner in a statement. “We must hold Governor Newsom accountable for the will of the people, and the people do not support the status quo of corruption, animal cruelty and environmental degradation.”


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Hours after launching a $ 116.5 million vaccination prize distribution plan, Governor Gavin Newsom traveled to Hollywood to host the unique, vaccinated audience for the late night host Jimmy KimmelThursday show.

Newsom appeared to be in a good mood and ready for a replay with the host.

He also extolled the vaccination program, California’s reopening date June 15, and poked fun at a gaffe owned by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (“You know him from the Governors’ Club?” Kimmel asked).

When asked if the state should be run amid a global pandemic, political revolt, and fluctuating economy, the governor replied a little ironically.

“Is it fun?” Kimmel asked Newsom about his job.

“You ask me is it fun being Governor of California? The last year? “The governor replied,” It was a lot of fun. “


“If I am elected Governor of California, I will break culture and awaken the awakening.”

– Caitlyn Jenner, via Twitter.

The best of the bee:

  • Legalized sports betting might finally be coming over to California Dale Kasler.

  • In just a few weeks, California’s water conditions went from poor to dire Dale Kasler and Ryan Sabalow.

  • Denise Aguilar, a vocal California vaccine critic and founder of a survival group called Mamalitia, said she was not involved in the violent uprising in the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, despite admitting she was in Washington, DC that day. But an Instagram video that has since been deleted shows Aguilar celebrating the deadly mob, suggesting she was one of the rioters who roamed the Capitol grounds. She also called for similar acquisitions in state houses across the country Hannah Wiley and Jason Pohl.

Andrew Sheeler reports on California’s unique political climate for the Sacramento Bee. He has covered crime and politics from Interior Alaska to the North Dakota Oil Field to the rugged coast of southern Oregon. He attended the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

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