Grenada: PM Mitchell says vote for document outlining pension payment


The political leader of Grenada’s ruling New National Party (NNP), Dr. Keith Mitchell, last night with a little humor asked the Grenadiers to vote for him in the general election on June 23 and give the ‘Doc’ yet another.

Speaking on the St David’s political platform, he said the election is about wanting votes and yes he is asking the Grenadiers for their votes.

Mitchell turned to the pressing issue of the pension judgement, which he says is the biggest and most challenging labor relations tax issue that “we said we met and we said we didn’t disagree with Justice Glasgow’s pension judgement will appeal”.

Mitchell continued, “This is an irrevocable commitment I make to you; it’s a legacy issue for me. When I leave this job, I want to be remembered for solving that problem.”

He announced as the first step in implementing the pension ruling that all eligible civil servants appointed by the Public Services Commission who retire in 2022 at the statutory retirement age of 60 will receive their pensions later this year, 2022.

Mitchell also announced that when the budget for 2023 and the end of 2022 is presented, the pension payment for the civil servants who will retire in 2023 will be included in the budget document that the NNP will present for that year.

He added that in terms of outstanding pensions and due to pensions that retired well before this year, there will be a phased approach to payment consistent with national cash flow. Mitchell said that would be announced shortly.

Explaining why a phased approach applies to the latter, the NNP political leader said: “I can’t fool you into saying we can all pay now. This is not possible and anyone who tells you this is trying to deceive you.”


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