Gadkari invites US pension and insurance funds to invest in India’s road infrastructure



Union Minister for Roads and Highways Nitin Gadkari has urged US investors, particularly insurance and pension funds, to invest in the country’s road and highway infrastructure.

Speaking at the 17th Indo-US Economic Summit, organized by the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC), he said he “sincerely hopes that more and more US companies will come and get into the road and highway projects in India who are the gold mine “. for everyone involved ”.

It assured investors better returns than in the US.

Regarding the government’s efforts to encourage the production and adoption of alternative fuels for transport such as ethanol, and the emphasis on last mile connectivity through various modes of transport, he noted that there are opportunities for American companies to get into the research and to invest in the development of mobility technologies in the country.

Gadkari believed that both India and the US would play important roles in the global post-Covid economic recovery.

Lalit Bhasin, chair of the summit, noted that the pandemic posed myriad challenges on economic fronts, but such challenges are also opportunities that could motivate the bilateral economic value chain to expand.

“The pandemic has taught us to reform business models, to go further up in the digital space, to become more inclusive and at the same time more global,” he said

Rohit Kochhar, Regional Vice President, IACC described the current period as a “turning point” for Indian-American relations.

“I say this because our partnership is not only the focus of business management, but is also of great importance in view of current geopolitical developments. There are more and more areas where our concerns and interests are both intertwined and complementary, ”he said.

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