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Photo by Deb Gau Lyon County Corrections Officer Kaylyn Rockensock, Brock Schultz and Sgt. Robert Jesse was honored at the Lyon County Jail on Tuesday for his life-saving response to a possible drug overdose last week. The three officers and deputy Beau Swenson (not pictured) administered Narcan to an inmate who was inaccessible during a cell check, Sheriff Eric Wallen said.

MARSHALL – When an inmate at Lyon County Jail was unavailable at a cell check last week, law enforcement officials had to act quickly, Sheriff Eric Wallen said. The officers administered Narcan to the inmate for a possible overdose of drugs before rescue workers arrived.

“Chances are he would have died if they hadn’t reacted the way they did.” said Wallen.

At Tuesday’s Lyon County Board meeting, Wallen recognized corrections and law enforcement officers for their actions. Correction Sgt. Robert Jesse and officers Kaylyn Rockensock and Brock Schultz were given plaques. Wallen said the deputy Beau Swenson, who was unable to attend the meeting, also deserved recognition.

Wallen said the officials’ lifesaving operations took place on Sept. 27. An inmate was brought to prison after a failed drug test from the probation period. Later, during a cell check, Schultz found the man unresponsive.

“They found that it was probably a drug overdose.” said Wallen. The officers who responded called emergency services and administered naloxone, also known as narcan. Narcan is a drug used to block the effects of opioids in the event of an overdose.

The officers’ quick response likely saved a life, Wallen said. The inmate was able to receive medical treatment.

People are regularly taken to the county jail if they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, are struggling with mental health problems, or both, Wallen said. But it doesn’t often happen that an inmate’s condition is serious enough to need Narcan, he said.

Law enforcement and correctional officials in the Lyon district have had access to Narcan for drug overdose in recent years, Wallen said. However, he said there have been very few cases so far of officials having to use it in prison.

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