ESPN: The Drafting A Punter Was a ‘Cost Saving Move’ –


ESPN: Drafting a player was a ‘cost-saving move’

May 1, 2022

Bucs P Jake Camarda.

See, Joe isn’t going to pile on like so many Bucs fans who, triggered by ugly memories from the past, freaked out because Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht pulled in a punter in the fourth round.

As Joe has written on numerous occasions, Licht put together a damn good resume to give himself an edge when in doubt. Joe had a twitter guy who said that any man who designs a punter that high must question his ability to build a football team.

Joe wants to remind this character and others that Licht built a Super Bowl winner.

ESPN’s Jenna Laine believes there was more than just drafting a punter when the Bucs selected Georgia’s Jake Carmada in the fourth round – hey, they picked a man from the national champions! Laine believes the election was motivated to save money.

Joe wrote about the money angle. So Joe understands what Laine is proposing, and she’s not wrong in believing that Bradley Pinion’s salary made him a target. But drafting a fourth-round man to be a cheaper alternative seems a bit extreme.

The Bucs successfully used another punter last season when Pinion was injured. You could have just scrapped Pinion and signed an undrafted free agent or other player who would be walking the streets by September?

Joe will learn more about Camarda tomorrow, specifically how and why he can be successful without being Punt God who was drafted into Camarda.


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