Drug Incinerator Saves Money for Angelina County Sheriff’s Office


LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) – Lufkin teenager Taha Nazeer raised $ 5,500 as part of his Eagle Scout Project to provide the Angelina County Sheriff’s Department with a specialized drug incinerator. Today the machine was operational and ready for use. The incinerator was a unique donation that Stephanie Davidson of the Angelina County Sheriff’s Office was very grateful for.

“Right now we get between 30 and 60 pounds of drugs in our take-back box a month,” said Davidson. “So if you look at this plus point next to the narcotics that our officers bring and that we have to dispose of, that’s a pretty large amount.”

The donation had to be reviewed by the Angelina County Commissioner’s Court prior to extradition. Despite the non-standard nature of an incinerator donation, it was a normal process for District Judge Don Lymbery, who also shared a common perspective on all parties involved.

“Every time something is donated to the county, it has to go through the Commissioners Court,” Lymbery said. “And this was an Eagle Scout project that I’m very proud of our Eagle Scouts because I’m one of the members of the Eagle Scout Review Board.”

The cost of incineration is currently between $ 500 and $ 1500 per trip, according to Davidson, not counting personnel costs. As a standard procedure, the agency would typically bring their supplies to Sharps Compliance in Houston once a year, or they would have to drive the drugs to Carthage and pay a pound fee to dispose of them. With its own unit, the Angelina County Sheriff’s office is now planning to take over the supplies from Diboll for an even more efficient disposal process.

“According to TECQ standards, we have to follow them just like an agency, we just can’t burn everything like a garbage heap,” said Davidson. “That’s why it’s so important to us. It’s very self-contained, it takes a while to cool down. So we will have a place in the back of the warehouse to do this. “

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