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Speaking of “military pensioners back on the recipient side”, the SPARSH pension system was introduced with a lot of fanfare in order to meet the sanction and payment requirements for the Bundeswehr. Until recently, the payment was made via banks and the processing worked smoothly. It was more convenient to contact the banks for support than the distant, indifferent and bureaucratic PCDA. The transition was rushed, without proper homework and end-user feedback. The apathy of the PCDA staff and the inadequacy of the resources to undertake this task are evident.


export wheat

See “Export Ban on Wheat”; the flip-flops in government action are obvious. A blanket ban is like breaking the knees of farmers and traders from whom they will struggle to recover – let alone aiding India’s rise as a reliable global supplier. The government must take action to help the middle class by changing tax rates.

SS Paul, Nadia

science flow

The news ‘Schools without science teachers, students choose other directions’ brought me back to the early 70’s when Giani Zail Singh was the Punjab CM. During his tenure, thousands of new science and math teaching positions were sanctioned and filled in state schools. He was a visionary and knew that education in general, and science and technology in particular, is the only means to lift vulnerable populations out of the quagmire of poverty, and he had serious intentions to do so. He offered no giveaways or waivers, and there were no reports of suicide from any segment of society. Thousands of teachers who have landed jobs and millions of students who have received quality education at almost no cost will remain committed to his insight and honesty of intention.

Ram Paul Chani, Ludhiana

forest institute

See report “Forest Research Institute to Establish in State, Says CM”; the announcement of the Haryana CM must be welcomed. The covered forest area in 2021 was 1,603.48 km², which is 3.63% of the state’s geographic area. Everyone is aware of the adverse effects of declining forest cover. The world is facing the consequences of deforestation in the form of climate change, decreasing rainfall, global warnings, declining water tables, etc. Establishing the institute will guide the public and farmers to aim for more plantations.

Ravish K Chauhan, Kurukshetra

A proud moment

It is a moment of great pride for the Punjabi diaspora when a Punjabi mother-daughter duo has been given the opportunity to serve in the Royal Australian Air Force. Punjabis are reaching new heights in Canada, the US and England. Now they are also present in Australia. Kudos to the family for encouraging their wives to pursue their dreams. It’s a lesson for those who see daughters as a burden. Manjit Kaur and her daughter Khushroop have set an example for all Punjabi women that given a chance they can shine even in foreign lands.

Bir Devinder Singh Bedi, Sangrur

Eternal beauty

As one of the seven wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal is not only a symbol of love but also a magnificent architectural masterpiece. Every Indian, regardless of caste and creed, has basked in the glory and pride of this beautiful monument. Visiting the Taj means drenching your soul in love. For an art lover, it’s painful to see it plundered with a muddy politics of hate and divisive design. Let’s hope common sense prevails and this “marble miracle” continues to spread the message of love to all.

Sadhna Saini, by mail

Politics on Taj

It is sad that politics in our country can spoil the beauty of even a monument that stands in homage to the glorious glory of eternal love (“Let Taj remain eternal symbol of love”). It is important that we regard monuments as refined works of art and not spoil their beauty through politicization. Correct are the words of Khwaja Sajid: ‘Kal siyasat me bhi mohabbat thi, aaj mohabbat me bhi siyasat hai.’

Sumita Kanwar, Yamunanagar

AIR Jalandhar

All India Radio Jalandhar-Amritsar celebrates its birthday. Broadcasting began on this day 74 years ago in East Punjab. A transmitter was sent to Amritsar. A speaker was assigned to read information about missing Hindu and Sikh refugees reading the daily reports in Amritsar. Jalandhar and Amritsar had weak transmitters. The studio complex was built in Jalandhar and officially opened in 1949. The Amritsar facility was dismantled in 1953 and a high capacity station built at Jalandhar.

Harjap Aujla, by post

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