Coupons share money-saving tips when grocery prices soar


LEXINGTON, Kentucky (LEX18) – Two local women have found another way to help others save at the grocery store. They are taking their strategy to social media to help their fellow Kentucky residents.

Tori Hinkle or ‘@iloveqpons’ on social media, her friend Erika Perkins or ‘@couponingwitherika’ want people to stop stealing their cards and start scanning your coupons.

“Never pay full price again,” Perkins said.

They said it’s especially important now that food prices continue to rise.

“A lot of people are in the same boat as me.” Not everyone has $15 to drop on a bottle of Gain laundry detergent,” Hinkle said.

The two now have over 150,000 followers on their Tik Tok and Instagram accounts. All are aimed at hiking beginners through the couponing experience.

“I never expected it to come to this, to have so many followers and stuff. We both take pictures to make it easy for someone,” Perkins said.

They said most of their business comes from Family Dollar and Dollar General, important sources of food for people in rural areas.

Each post shows followers where to find deals, what to buy, how much of each item to buy, what to save at checkout, and what to avoid in the beginning.

“By all means, start small and work your way up,” Perkins said.

“I save thousands every year. Especially now that the prices of everything are going up, you want to save every last dollar you can,” Hinkle said.

It’s getting easier and easier, and if I can teach myself, anyone can.”

To learn more about coupons and savings, you can follow Perkins and Hinkle at @iloveqpons and @couponingwitherika on Instagram and Tik Tok. [] []


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