Cost of living crisis UK: Our mission to help you save


Today we launch Your Money Matters – our campaign to help you overcome the cost of living increase.

This year has seen a slew of household price hikes – from raising the energy price cap to soaring inflation and food prices – that have cost your family hundreds or even thousands of extra pounds a year.

At Newsquest, the UK’s leading local news publisher, we’re committed to taking care of your money by offering savings, competitions, giveaways and insightful stories from your community about the impact of this cost of living crisis that our readers like you.

The global energy crisis exacerbated by the invasion of Ukraine, the financial impact of the Covid pandemic, record high inflation and a rise in the cost of goods, fuel and travel mean we will all feel the effects of the crisis.

With our newspaper we want to do everything in our power to make your money better known because we know that your money is important.

Toby Granville, Newsquest’s editorial director, said: “We face a perfect storm of rising costs at every turn, but there is help out there for people who are struggling.

“Obviously this is a worrying time for many and that is why in our newspaper we offer you solutions, support and tips on how to get through the crisis.”

Although Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced measures to support the people in the spring budget, it is clear that we all face unprecedented financial challenges.

So over the coming weeks we will be featuring charities and organizations that offer both practical and emotional support. We’ll shine a light on those most affected by increased costs.

Most importantly, this newspaper will help you save money or win prizes through our brilliant specials – so keep an eye out for Your Money Matters content every day.

Also, keep an eye on the #yourmoneymatters hashtag on social media in the coming days and weeks to learn more about how we can help you and your family during this difficult time.

Don’t forget, if you subscribe to home delivery or a digital subscription, you’ll benefit from access to our fantastic reader rewards.

With your Reader Rewards membership, you can not only benefit from shopping discounts, but now you can also take advantage of a wide range of additional savings, including cashback offers, travel, attractions and wellbeing.

Plus a new travel, ticketing and lifestyle concierge service to help you and your family manage every aspect of your day-to-day needs. For more information, contact our customer service team on 0800 953 0227.

If you would like to share your experience of the cost of living crisis, if you are a charity or organizations offering support or a business that is overcoming the odds to survive and thrive, get in touch.


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