Clubhouse staff share credit for saving lives


The fast acting duo won the Heartsaver Hero Award last week in Ocean Pines

Posted by Greg Ellison

(January 6, 2022) Two months after using an automated external defibrillator (AED) to resuscitate a heart attack victim at the Ocean Pines Clubhouse Bar and Grille, Rob Ruszin and Judie Scotti continue to receive awards.

Dave Van Gasbeck, president of the Ocean Pines Volunteer Fire Department, honored the two with a Heartsaver Hero Award from the American Heart Association last Thursday.

Van Gasbeck, who applied for the award shortly after the October 31st incident, said this latest recognition follows similar awards given to the two by the Worcester County Commissioners in mid-November.

“They did a great job and just jumped in,” he told Ruszin and Scotti. “You are both true heroes.”

Ruszin and Scotti also received state awards from Maryland Sen. Mary Beth Carozza and Del. Wayne Hartman.

Scotti, manager of Clubhouse Bar and Grille, diverted attention to what she was doing and paid more credit to Ruszin, who runs the bar at the facility.

“If you can help someone as a person, that’s what you should do,” she said.

Ruszin repeated this feeling.

“I don’t like to take credit for it,” he said.

Ruszin quickly found an AED unit nearby.

“I was just there and knew where it was,” he said. “Everyone who was there helped in the situation.”

Scotti said the praise was justified for everyone involved.

“It was a great effort for everyone who was here,” she said. “It’s not just an award for us, but also for them.”

After the heart attack victim was resuscitated, Ocean Pines EMS transported the patient to Tidal Health in Salisbury, where he made a full recovery.

In a related note, Van Gasbeck said that emergency services are bringing more and more sick residents to medical care.

“Every patent we’ve filed in the past few months has been unvaccinated,” he said. “Do yourself a favor and protect yourself and your loved ones by getting vaccinated.”

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