CAAT Pension Plan brings the best of DB, DC and Group RRSP to Canadian workplaces


Improved contribution options respond to inquiries from employers and employees

TORONTO, November 15, 2021 / CNW / – The CAAT Pension Plan continues to improve company pensions in Canada with a modern performance-oriented plan design (DB) that adapts to a variety of workplace requirements. Its latest innovation, DBplus with Contribution Choice, is introduced January 1, 2022. Contribution Choice not only meets the need for a simple, value-based company pension plan that improves attractiveness and loyalty and reduces stress, but also responds to the industry’s requirements for additional contribution flexibility – usually only in defined contribution (DC) or group RRSPs Programs available.

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In 2019, CAAT’s DBplus revolutionized company pension schemes in Canada by bringing together the best of DB and DC. The award-winning DBplus offers members a lifelong retirement income at a fixed and affordable price for employers. As with DC or Group RRSPs, there are no balance sheet risks and employers are only responsible for paying the required contributions.

Contribution Choice gives employers and employees even more options. Employers will select the fixed contribution rates and associated employer match they wish to offer (subject to certain restrictions). Employees choose which of these tariffs suits their changing needs and financial goals.

Companies can seamlessly switch to an efficient, low-risk Modern DB retirement plan. The enhancement of Contribution Choice further supports member retirement acceptance while providing the recruitment, engagement, and competitive edge that employers value.

The new functions further increase the flexibility of DBplus, which is common to DC plans and group RRSPs, and at the same time offer the stable performance security of a modern DB plan. DBplus with Contribution Choice joins a range of bespoke solutions offered by the CAAT Pension Plan to meet a wider range of culture, change management and work needs, including pay differentiation by employee class and easy transitions from their current agreements.

The plan is open to all sectors and is designed for jobs of all types, including those currently offering DB plans, DC plans, group RRSPs, or no company pension plans at all. CAAT encourages employers and union representatives to contact the CAAT team for a tailored pension solution that meets their goals.

Since the start in 2019, DBplus now has over 200 participating employers. CAAT has members all over Canada from 11 industries and is supported and involved by 16 unions and member associations. Notable employers are Brink’s Canada, Sanofi Pasteur, Greater Toronto Airport Authority, Conference Board of Canada, United Way of Greater Toronto Area and lawyers finance.

DBplus with Contribution Choice will be available to Canadian employers on. be available January 1, 2022.


“Our goal is to provide retirement solutions that meet the dynamic needs of Canadian workplaces and provide security through a reliable lifelong income in retirement. The vast majority of employees want a secure, predictable lifelong retirement income that comes from a leading nonprofit pension. As the race for talent gains traction, CAAT ensures that a risk-free Modern DB plan is a great option for employers, regardless of past retirement schemes, type of industry, size, or industry to adjust to what Canadians need from their retirement to stay strong.Canada Company pension of choice. ‘”

Derek W. Dobson, Chief Executive Officer and Plan Manager, CAAT Pension Plan

About CAAT pension plan

The CAAT Pension Plan was established in 1967 and is an independent, co-administered plan that offers two forms of a defined benefit pension. CAAT’s award-winning DBplus plan is leading to an exceptional rate of growth for the plan. Originally created to the Ontario College system, the CAAT plan now proudly serves more than 200 participating employers from a variety of sectors including the for-profit, nonprofit and broader public sectors. It currently has over 74,000 active and retired members. The CAAT plan is respected for its expertise in pension and investment management and its focus on stability and performance security. at January 1, 2021, the plan was 119% financed on a going concern basis. Find out more at:

Via DBplus with Contribution Choice

  • CAAT continues to develop the pension landscape and offers innovative solutions by offering DBplus with Contribution Choice.

  • DBplus with Contribution Choice combines the flexible contribution rates of DC plans and group RRSPs with the advantages and security of a DB plan.

  • CAAT’s growth and innovation benefits all Canadians and is yet another way in which CAAT creates value and promotes security of benefit for its current and future members.

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