Buyers split opinion with ‘money-saving hack’ to lower supermarket bills


ONE SHOPPER disagrees with a ‘money-saving hack’ to lower supermarket bills.

But some branded the move “too far” after he released evidence he used his frugal hack when shopping for his groceries.


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The man posted evidence of his savings tip in a Facebook group


The man posted evidence of his savings tip in a Facebook groupPhoto credit: MEN Media

Speaking on a Facebook page where people share tips on how to save, the man admitted to taking a pocket knife to the supermarket to cut off heavy broccoli stalks.

He wrote: “I was amazed at the broccoli in the store today as they all had stalks which were huge and when you pay by weight the whole stalk you don’t use is a waste of money.

“So I got out the trusty knife and trimmed the babies. Haha ok it’s a tiny little saving but it all helps.”

The man posted a picture of his handiwork with the knife alongside short-stemmed broccoli, proving he’s using the technique to purchase the nutritious vegetable.

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But not everyone liked the tip, with some calling it “embarrassing.”

One person said: “Ridiculous! Just grate it and use it in salads/soups/stir-fries.”

Someone else said, “How embarrassing. I’m all for saving a little, but this is downright ridiculous.”

Others thought he missed out on one of the best cuts of broccoli despite the cost saving, writing, “The stalks are really tasty and can be used in broths or cooked with the rest.”

Some people didn’t find the move silly at all, with one person saying it’s “a great idea for people who don’t like the tribe.”

The man had a few supporters, with one person admitting they “do this all the time,” while another said, “Good for you.”

He later told Manchester Evening News he was surprised at the negative feedback, saying: “Why should I pay for something I don’t want or use? I would understand if it was in a box.”

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