Blitz Win Game 7: Winner takes all


This will be a very low key summary. It’s hard to say anything meaningful about a seventh game until it’s over.

First period

Austin Matthews with the opening faceoff.

Mitch Marner, bless his little cotton socks, one smack on Victor Hedman, and here we go.

John Tavares with the first shot.

This game is a go.

Great play from Kerfoot but JT can’t get enough of it to get past Vasilevskiy.

Marner with a great chance. The crowd is so loud, so get in, and the whistles are good in the pockets. So far it’s an old-school playoff game.

Ohh O. The Leafs get a power play on an apparent trip against Alex Kerfoot.

The Leafs don’t get a goal, but they do get a strange penalty when the power play expires. Mark Giordano goes to the puck over glass, which he thought was a distraction from him.

Souuuup. That was PK making a very nervous power play through the Lightning.

Something happened to Brayden Point and he can’t put any weight on his right leg. That is very unfortunate. He spun as he fell while his skates were clamped against the boards.

The third row gets a run at the Leafs, but David Kkampf is pinned to the boards and doesn’t play the puck. Nick Paul takes it and eventually scores.

1-0 Flash

The Lightning immediately take a penalty as Stamkos makes a save.

The Leafs get a chance on the horn, but Vasilevskiy already made the save.


  • I can’t take that out of context, but this felt like the most intense hockey period since the last in this series.
  • It wasn’t where the goal came from, but I thought Tampa would have the special teams advantage in this instance, but the stats don’t add up.

second period

Point back at the bench but don’t put any weight on his leg to get there. He can’t act when he tries and I feel like I’ve seen that movie. Didn’t he do that two years ago?

With that emotional drama out of the way, we can all play a game of hockey now.

Leaves make a series of passes and shots, and it’s like traveling in a time machine. There’s nothing at the net so the pass comes back to the defender shooting through the traffic and there are no real chances to score.

Can you score this way? For sure. Can you score that much? Only if you’re the Carolina Hurricanes.

The Leafs get a goal and a penalty at the same time. So the goal doesn’t count. The whistle fell on penalties – a shot by Holl – in front of the goal.

This is invoked because Holl actually falls, making what he was doing obvious. Is that correct or just or just likely because people are reacting to what they’re seeing at the moment? You can yell about it, I have a game to watch.

This is heartbreaking though because the goal was beautiful. I’m not posting a video of the non-goal. This is not the land of what could have been, only what is.

Souuup. The Leafs are besieged by that power play which unfortunately proves me right, not the stats but Jack Campbell saves this game with those two minutes.


Captain Morgan ties the game.

Nylander on the rush shoots it up after an intense barrage of Leafs action.

bloody hell Rush on one end, this time it’s half the Matthews line out of play, then Muzzin can’t make play on the boards, and Nick [expletives deleted] Paul gets another.

2-1 lighting

I don’t like Jack Campbell in this case, but I won’t watch it again. Grinding the grievance ax misses the point in a team sport.


After all, it’s the status quo up one notch with the Lightning. This game lasts seconds, you just never know which seconds count.

third period

Something strange happened there. A three-on-one that the Lightning don’t play with much panache lands on Campbell, practically dying in his jersey. Then it’s a huge rebound. I feel like this was a poorly edited fake film of what really happened.

whoops Nick Paul goes headfirst into the net with a super-fast break and the loosening net appears to bring down Jack Campbell, who of course tells the trainer he’s fine.

Campbell stays in, Paul seems fine too, which is even more shocking.

No penalty for the game because Paul passed the Leafs defenseman and tried to trip him.

Marner takes a penalty and the Leafs have a power play.

Not 100% Jack Campbell, of course, but stay in the game. I’ve definitely seen this movie.

This is the best Leafs power play I’ve seen in a long time. Your PK dies to the flash, but it’s not. The second unit also shows its best performance.

come leaves Please. I can’t bring myself to type big shift again. Even if they keep having them.

Campbell drew with two and a half to go.


I do not want to talk

About things we’ve been through

Although it hurts me

It’s history now

I’ve played all my cards

And so did you

Nothing left to say

No more ace to play with

Love you all, Leafs fans. be good to each other


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