BBC The One Show viewers are furious after millionaire Richard Curtis offers advice on switching pensions


Viewers of The One Show were left confused and angry after multimillionaire filmmaker Richard Curtis told the public to switch their retirement to a more sustainable one. He appeared on the show tonight (May 18) to discuss how rents could be causing deforestation.

He informed the One Show audience that pension money goes to places that contribute to deforestation and we should try to put our money in more sustainable places. He said it would be “profitable” and “sensible” to switch his pension to a more sustainable one. He suggested that people who had no pensions should opt for sustainable pensions.

He said: “It’s not a huge amount of work – you could invest every single day of your life in good companies instead of companies that harm the planet.”

Despite the fact that his advice was well-intentioned, people were angry at the advice the millionaire gave and took to Twitter to express their anger. One person tweeted, “Like multi-millionaire Richard Curtis worried about pensions,” followed by an eye-roll emoji.

Another commented on the fact that he wasn’t qualified to give pensions advice, writing: “There should be a qualified pensions adviser on the show when it comes to pensions.” Someone else shared the same sentiment: “Watch an IFA at [Institute of Financial Accountants] not a one-show guest about pensions.”

One viewer made it clear that he wasn’t impressed, but perhaps he misunderstood the filmmaker’s reasoning: “Oh god. Myself and the wife had to shorten our vacations to just 27 times this year instead of 29 times. It’s hell on earth I tell you #t***er #RichardCurtis”


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