“Around 40 lakh benefited and 8.38 lakh retirees received a pension under various schemes.” India News



SRINAGAR: The lieutenant governor of the union area of ​​Jammu and Kashmir, Manoj Sinha, on Monday sought the detailed status of the relief efforts to be extended to different parts of society affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.
The LG recently announced a series of measures to alleviate the suffering of various vulnerable populations due to Covid-19. Sinha asked officials to work with compassion and empathy, and to take all necessary steps to help people overcome their difficulties during this pandemic.
“It is the collective responsibility of officials at various levels to ensure that no one goes hungry. They must all turn to every citizen in need. Lunchtime meals, complementary diets must continue for the beneficiaries. Take care of the families of day laborers, migrant workers and address the problems caused by the pandemic, “said the LG.
At the meeting, he noted that the pandemic is having far-reaching effects on various aspects of people’s lives.
If necessary, specific actions should be taken immediately to support the most vulnerable populations, workers, women, children, small businesses, farmers, communities and the elderly. A concerted, consistent and continuous effort is needed to further strengthen social protection, ”added Sinha.
While receiving a full overview of the implementation of welfare systems, the governor was informed that the relief under various components has been extended to around 40 lakh beneficiaries. It was reported that under the interest subsidy, approximately 3.50 lakh borrowers received installments of 5% interest subsidy valued at 200 billion rupees.
The LG was informed that 3.49,303 active construction workers were granted the first installment of more than 34.50 rupees at a price of 1000 rupees per beneficiary.
In addition, Rs 5.6 crore was provided for around 28,000 Shikarawalas / Ponywalas / Dandiwalas / Palkiwalas / tourist guides at Rs 1000 per month per beneficiary as a two-month relief. Of these, 14,627 beneficiaries come from the Kashmir division and 13,153 from the Jammu division.
As part of the COVID mitigation efforts, all district development commissioners have been given Rs 55 crore each in the amount of Rs 2.25 crore and Rs 5 crore to each division commissioner of Jammu and Kashmir. The LG was informed during the meeting that Rs. The year 2000 was paid to 9.5 lakh farmers under PM-KISAN Yojna for a total of Rs. 190 crore.
In addition, the Rural Development Department employed 26,673 households with 35,484 people, including Rs 8.21 billion under MGNREGA in April and May 2021.
Approximately 7.10 lakh retirees have received their pension (in DBT mode) of Rs. 71 crore under ISSS Pension for the month of April. Indira Gandhi’s National Retirement Pension amounts to Rs. 25.68 crore for the months of March and April paid in favor of 1.28 lakh retirees (through DBT).
An amount of Rs was credited to bank accounts of 83,617 beneficiaries of the Ladli Beti program. 50.00 cores (via DBT). Another amount of Rs 25 crore will be credited to each beneficiary’s bank account.
In addition, 1,212 beneficiaries belonging to different districts of UT have received from J & K an amount of Rs.4.836 billion in financial support for poor marriageable girls (through DBT) under the state marriage assistance system during the current fiscal year.
The school education department was reported to be providing 8.46 lakh students as part of the lunchtime meal program, dry ration (rice).
As part of the Supplementary Nutrition Program, a total of 7,89,586 beneficiaries, including pregnant and breastfeeding women and children under 6 years of age, were provided with a dry ration in the UT.



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