Amarnath Cloudburst: Sushil Khatri, retired Braveheart police officer, dies during the Amarnath tragedy while saving lives


Jaipur, July 9: A retired policeman from Rajasthan’s Bikaner, who saved many from drowning in the flash flood caused by a downpour, was swept away in bubbling waters near the Amarnath Cave Shrine in the southern Kashmir Himalayas.

The deceased was identified as Sushil Khatri, former head of Sri Ganganagar Traffic Police Station.

Khatri’s relative Sunita Wadwa, also from the desert state, also died in the tragedy, killing 15 and injuring more than 40. Amarnath Cloudburst: 16 dead, 40 missing after cloudburst at Amarnath Yatra, 100 rescuers appointed.

Khatri was among 17 devotees who left Sri Ganganagar on July 3, retiring from ministry just nine days before the tragedy.

After his retirement, he had planned a vacation with his wife and son.

Khatri, 61, was staying in a tent near Amarnath Cave.

In the evening, when the flood tide came in, the tents began to be washed away.

Many people from Sri Ganganagar including Khatri, his relative Sunita and her husband Mohanlal were also present.

Khatri saved many people before he was swept away.

Sri Ganganagar, Navneet Sharma, President of Amarnath Langar Seva Samiti, confirmed the death of Khatri and said that he could not meet Khatri but met Mohanlal Wadhwa and his wife Sunita Wadhwa, a Sri Ganganagar cloth merchant who is part of the group of 17 were followers of Sri Ganganagar.

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