9-year-old Cary girl receives a life-saving liver transplant at Duke

CARY, NC (WTVD) – After 59 days in the hospital, 9-year-old Chloe Cassell is back home in Cary after receiving a life-saving liver transplant at Duke Hospital.

Chloe’s family say she has been the image of health all her life, but that changed on November 12, 2021, five days after her birthday.

“It just started out of the blue,” said Chloe’s mother, Morgan Cassell. “She just started getting jaundice and then it just turned around, like a snowball from there.”

Chloe was diagnosed with acute liver failure. She received a transplant in Duke on November 22, and her family hoped to be hospitalized for a few weeks after the operation, but complications followed. Chloe suffered from falling blood levels and internal bleeding, which led to another emergency operation.

After nearly two months, the third-grader at Turner Creek Elementary is finally able to return home, but will have to be homeschooled for several months and see the doctor weekly.

The Cassells are now raising funds with the help of the Children’s Organ Transplant Association (COTA), which will support Chloe on her lifelong medical journey after her transplant.

“She’s busy enough,” Morgan Cassell said. “So to have that support and to know that she never has problems and has to choose between medicine and shelter or food because we won’t always be there.

“We can also bless other families who are going through this,” she added.

Chloe’s Crew launches their fundraiser with a goal of $65,000. They sell t-shirts and host events like raffles and virtual runs.

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