Zadeh bails out 150 million, wants to get out of custody

Iranian with Czech citizenship Shahram Abdullah Zadeh, who is 13 years in prison for allegedly large tax evasion, deposited a deposit of 150 million crowns on the account of the Regional Court in Brno. He expects to be released from custody for 22 months.

One of his lawyers, Peter Congu, informed about the deposit. It is probably the highest deposit ever paid in the Czech Republic. It is not yet known when Zadeh could be released.

Accept the bail

Accept the bail

Regional Court spokeswoman Simona Tesarova confirmed that the deposit was deposited. “Today, the Senate in question will decide whether to accept the bail. We will not comment on his decision until the parties have been informed of it, ”she said.

If the court accepts the bail, Zadeh could be released from custody on Friday. The court first set a deposit of one hundred million crowns. However, the High Court in Olomouc annulled its decision and then returned the case for reconsideration. The Regional Court raised the deposit to 150 million crowns in mid-January.

Iranian lawyers now criticize the court because their client has not yet been released from custody. They add that the court should act swiftly.

The file states that a fifteen-member group allegedly organized by Zadeh caused damage to the state in fuel trade around 2.5 billion crowns. The prosecutor blames prosecuted for tax cuts and participation in an organized criminal group ( read more here).

The process should begin on March 8th

The process should begin on March 8th

Criminalists said they imported hundreds of millions of liters of fuel from Slovenia and Germany in 2012 and 2013, and hurt the state in taxes through false tax returns. At least 65 trading companies are said to have been involved in crime.

The trial should begin at the Brno Regional Court on March 8th. The trial was started by the court last November. The meeting was convened several times, but one of the lawyers always excused him for health reasons or due to time busy.

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