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In Good Lender you will only find those loan providers that are consistent with our service, payment and security requirements. You will only need 2 minutes to apply for a loan of up to € 15,000 and get the money the same day.

Book your online payday loan same day funding


What fees will I have to pay for getting same day loans? If the terms are not met and not reimbursed in time the consequences can be very serious. Failure to pay the fees on time, the provider or lender is entitled to impose a penalty to collect the loan payment you have made. Reimbursing money on time could avoid the inconvenience of paying other fees or economic costs. On the other hand, it is very possible that you will be registered as a bad payer which will prevent you from making other loan applications in the future.

What loan should you choose?

What loan should you choose?

You must first determine what your real need for financing will be. In Good Lender from the general description, you can find loans of up to € 15,000 with payments and due dates that fit your needs.

Request without obligation and decide quietly


At Good Lender we recommend the person interested in a quick loan to always request it from several lenders. You can quickly fill out the application forms of the three or four best-rated loan companies. Once you receive the response from each house you can comfortably assess the offer that is most beneficial and the one that best suits your needs.

In Good Lender it will not be necessary to present a guarantee at the time of requesting a loan and in the same way, our partners will not ask for explanations or ask you what you will use the money for. Within our website it is possible for users to rate their experience with loan providers and we will indicate it with star ratings on the corresponding profile.

In this way users can be sure that they will find the best and most qualified suppliers, always opting for those who are qualified with the greatest satisfaction and the most positive comments.

Why apply for a loan online?


For some people it is not necessary to apply for loans online, however, many Spaniards decide to apply for these types of benefits mainly to avoid:

  • Wait too long for approval and payment of a credit
  • Put your car or home as a guarantee
  • Have limitations on the approval of your bank

At the time of requesting a loan online it is possible:

  • Request it quickly from home
  • Cancel in 14 days
  • Have the money as quickly as possible, the same day of the request or the next day (only working days)
  • Other options: ask for more loans and get better deals.

How is the payment procedure?

When you ask for a loan in Good Lender you will receive the money in a few hours, you can send the application today and receive the money the same day or the next day, unlike a bank loan. We take into account that you need the money urgently and therefore, our lenders partner workers look for your loan to be approved as quickly as possible.

When you ask for a loan, the money becomes yours and for this reason nobody should interfere with what you do with it. Unlike when a loan is requested from the bank, where there will always be a record of the causes for which you have requested a loan.

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