Iran: Reform leader sentenced to 6 years in prison, released on bail

Former Iranian reformist vice president Mohammad Ali Abtahi has been sentenced to six years in prison on charges related to recent post-election unrest, but was released on bail on Sunday, according to Iranian media sources citing judicial sources.

Mr. Abtahi, vice president during the second mandate of the reformist president Mohammad Khatami (2001-2005), is accused of “participation in rallies and conspiracy against national security, propaganda against the Islamic regime, insult to the President of the Republic, public order disorder, “according to the moderate conservative website who was the first to announce his conviction.

bail of 7 billion rials

bail of 7 billion rials

Tehran prosecutor Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi, quoted by the official Irna news agency, announced shortly afterwards that the former official had been “provisionally released in the afternoon after paying bail of 7 billion rials ($ 700,000). “.

The conviction of Mr. Abtahi to six years in prison was announced Sunday by his daughter, Fatemeh Sadat Abtahi, quoted by

It was later confirmed by the Isna news agency citing a judicial officer. “After hearing the last defense of Mr. Abtahi, the judge fixed a bond of 7 billion rials ($ 700,000) and sent a letter for his release after the money was paid,” said the official. pointing out that Mr Abtahi’s sentence “can be appealed”.

Abtahi, arrested shortly after the June 12 presidential election won by incumbent President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, appeared in Tehran’s revolutionary court on Aug. 1. He had since been detained in Evin Prison.



At the August 1 hearing, he reverted to previous statements and said there was no fraud during the presidential election. He also made a televised “confession”, claiming he was mistaken.

The controversial re-election of ultra-conservative President Ahmadinejad has been followed by massive protests, causing one of the most serious crises in the Iranian regime since the Islamic Republic’s rise in 1979.

At least 4,000 protesters were arrested and 30 people were killed during the protests, according to official figures. The opposition refers to 72 dead.

Five people accused of taking part in the protest were sentenced to death and 81 others were sentenced to prison terms of up to 15 years, according to state television.

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