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Given the slow functioning of the Justice and the oversaturation existing in the courts, the figure of the Freedom on Bail is practically necessary.

Therefore, judges aware of the irregular situation of detainees in certain open cases, usually consider the possibility of granting it, especially when the summaries are complicated, there are many detainees in the same processor because it is expected a slow instruction. This happens in most of the Trial Courts for the accumulation of summaries, and to a greater extent in the National Court, which deals with International Crimes and Organized Bands.

Info about bail bonds in Las Vegas

When the magistrate decides to give a Freedom on Bail, he can grant it from the first appearance or do it later. Although the Law sets maximum deadlines for all Courts, there is a tacit agreement in the Judiciary, where usually, and in case of crimes of certain relevance, that Provisional Freedom is not granted before completing the first year of imprisonment. From that moment, the option remains open. If the lawyer knows his trade and knows how to touch the sensitive fiber of the Magistrate, he will achieve that order with greater urgency. The pecuniary value will be established by the judge according to the seriousness of the crime or with the economic means that he considers the defendant has; It is that the amount of said bail dissuaded the defendant from fleeing, knowing that with that act he will lose that money.

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Once the Provisional Freedom has been granted, it will be communicated, on the one hand to the Attorney through his Procurator and, on the other hand, and at the same time, to the inmate. A Judicial Agent will take the Judge’s letter to the Prison notifying him of the order. The latter receives it, signs a copy and expects the family or relatives to deposit the deposit in the bank that the court stipulates. Once with the bank receipt in hand, the family returns to the court where it is delivered and from that moment, they will have to wait a few hours.

However, according to the strategy prepared by the defense attorney and his client, the release in Provisional Freedom may be immediate or delayed.

Here we give you a series of possibilities that can be considered for this purpose:

Here we give you a series of possibilities that can be considered for this purpose:

  • That you deposit the bond and that the detainee leaves that day or the next.
  • That you take a few days to pay it in order to prove to the Judge that you have no resources and that you have had difficulties in gathering it, whether it is true or not. This trick maybe you are interested in doing it in case the economic means have relevance in the summary.
  • That you do not pay it. Wait because the court will reduce it as time passes and you do not make a move to deposit it, or because you do not have that money or because, simply, you do not want it to be reflected. After a month, at most two, they will have reduced it to its minimum expression.

When the accused leaves in freedom, he will have to behave with extreme care, since by whatever slip he commits, of whatever kind, he will give back with his bones in jail. Once this is clear, wait for the time it takes until they designate the date for the trial and the prosecutor makes his request for punishment. Then he must meet repeatedly with the lawyer in order to prepare the trial.

It is practically impossible for foreign detainees to be granted Provisional Freedom unless they have a demonstrable family relationship, resident in Spain and direct family. Even in these cases it is not likely to be granted given the high risk of flight that a foreigner carries.

Finally, I would like to tell you that Freedom on Bail continues to be effective after the trial, as long as the sentence becomes final and the detainee does not enter prison. This also happens when the sentence is appealed to the Supreme Court. That year or two years that it takes to lower the resolution of said Court, the detainee can spend it in prison or in Provisional Freedom, depending on what the court stipulates.