The Government recognizes the PSOE that has dissolved twice the Cordovan Social Work Orchards Family


The Government of the Nation has recognized, in answer to the questions posed by the national deputy of the PSOE for Córdoba, Antonio Hurtado, who has dissolved on two occasions the Obra Social Cordobesa Orchards Family, although, it has not proceeded to the liquidation of your assets.

This has been indicated this month by the Executive President of the popular Mariano Rajoy, in a written response, to which Europa Press has agreed, to separate sets of questions that, on this subject, Hurtado had raised in December 2016 and in January this year. year.

Thus, on December 21 and in writing, the Socialist deputy asked the central government if “Is the Youth Pavilion in the Southern District of Cordoba assigned to the City Council by the Board of Family Gardens? When is the transfer planned? “, if” is it totally free? With what conditions? What procedures are missing? Why could not the swap that was previously planned have been concluded? “and” What was this swap? “.

Subsequently, on January 19 and without the Government having responded to the first set of questions, Hurtado asked “what is the difference between the agreement that was adopted by the Patronato Huertos Familiares on October 11 of last year, where it was approved? the dissolution of the Obra Social Cordobesa Huertos Familiares, and the agreement of January 13 (2017), which has been an agreement for the dissolution of the Obra Social Cordobesa Huertos Familiares? “.

This also led the Socialist deputy to ask if “is the Board dissolved at this time? Who is the owner of the assets and liabilities? What are the assets and to whom? What are the liabilities and to whom do they pass? ? ” and, “in case it is not dissolved, what steps are left for the dissolution?”.

Given this, the Government replied that “in the Board of the Board of Trustees held on January 13, 2017 it was agreed, unanimously by its members, the dissolution of the Obra Social Cordobesa Orchards Family and the subsequent liquidation, in accordance with Article 43 of its Statutes “, adding that,” although it is true that there is a dissolution agreement “above,” it did not materialize “.

Consequently, as the Executive has stated, “the sub-delegate of the Government in Córdoba, acting as president of the association, with the advice of the State Bar and the State Treasury Delegation, proceeded to propose again the dissolution of the the association, with the difference that this new agreement entailed the liquidation, that is to say the cession, in some cases and delivery in others, of the property owned by the Family Gardens. “

Along with this, the Government has detailed that “there are two types of real estate registered in the name of the entity”, on the one hand “social housing”, and on the other the “parcels of land and buildings”, located in the municipalities of Córdoba and Guadalcázar.

In relation to the first, “it should be noted that originally these homes were delivered under the form of deferred payment, ie, the beneficiaries of these properties received housing with the obligation to pay the price of the same in monthly installments that ended to be paid in 2015. After that, and once proof that all payments are made, the owner must submit the acquisition to a public deed. “


As for the real estate, farms and sports facilities, such as the old Youth Pavilion, according to the Government’s response, “the Sub-delegation of the Government in Cordoba has initiated, in order to comply with the aforementioned agreement, a file in agreement with the Cordoba City Council, where the majority of the farms reside, to proceed to the free transfer of the same “.

The list of assets includes “land in the PAU (I) -4, SGEL and SGV SUNP-1, Park Trade Union farm, Youth Sports Pavilion, six plots in Alcolea de Córdoba, promotion of 13 homes in the South Sector, Neighborhood of ‘La Guita’, and promotion of 293 dwellings in Calle Torremolinos “, in addition to” 19 homes in Guadalcázar “.

The work that is being done at present, by the Subdelegation of the Government in Cordoba, as the Executive has indicated, “is the information to the owners so that they proceed to accredit the ownership of the houses in which they reside and the compliance with the payment of the installments, in order to be able to deed the properties on their behalf “.

“With regard to the liabilities of the association – concludes the answer -, it should be noted that only have debts for taxes related to land and municipal services,” which, “in accordance with the statutes, the assignees municipalities will assume the credits and debts that entail the immovable property object of the assignment, therefore, once these have been transferred, the association may be definitively liquidated, since there are no debts to be foreseen “.

We are some junkies of the mobile

I reply to a new chat notification while paying the waiter or waitress

I reply to a new chat notification while paying the waiter or waitress

Notification of chat on the mobile, a new email arrives, a warning on the social network and another one from the group that our colleagues have formed to be in the bars, but which now serves as an excuse for not doing so . Lights, beeps, alarms, more lights, and new information that occupies the screen keeping me informed of everything that happens at the moment. I keep my phone, take a few steps and take it out again to look at it again, there are no lights, no floating screens, no vibes, no sounds … That disappoints me , what a moral low. I put it back in my pocket and before reaching the end of the street the pot vibrates, I look at it and check that someone has uploaded new information to the group chat. Thank God, I was beginning to worry. For a moment I thought I was staying alone.

Immediately I answer, and incidentally, I enter the network to look for some last minute news . Information, more information and much more information from all points of view, some more interested than others. I enter the articles and comment with enthusiasm, because I want to be present , I want to be taken into account by those strangers, I need more popularity, I want them to love me or hate me . I need more lights, alarms and beeps with each notification of answers.

Avid for stimuli, I decided to comment on one more article. It’s too long, I better read the headline, and the rest of it is read by another asshole because I do not have time, four more news have already come out and I have other notifications.

I need to find a wifi place immediately, so I go into a cafeteria, and without looking at the waiter I ask for a coffee and the network password . What a pleasure to have a good connection! I can see everything I want without worry. Someone speaks in the group chat of a soccer game in New Zealand, the truth is that I do not even know how to pronounce the name of the teams, but it is a quick bet to earn me money on that machine with lights and buttons that look at the bottom of the room.

When I have already finished my bets , to which I have added tennis and basketball, sports of which I have no idea, and I have also updated all the states I had behind, I remember coffee on the table.

On the mobile clock I see the time, and at the moment I receive a new message in which I am warned that I am slow to return. Damn coffee, it makes me waste my time, and besides, it’s cold. I drink it hurriedly and observe a group of children sitting at the next table concentrated and silent, each with his own tablet in his hands while parents take their canes quietly at the next table. But what kind of disturbed parents do they have to educate them like this? I used to play in the streets at his age . Look at them, if they look like zombies with their eyes glued to the screen without saying a single word.

I reply to a new chat notification while paying the waiter or waitress, I have no idea who it is, I am too busy in my social life, I am introducing a new topic in the chat group: “the new lost generations of technology” .

Back home in the car, I had to stop on the shoulder twice to answer . But now I’m sitting on my couch, prepared with my network, my mobile , my PC and my tablet to be at everything immediately, without discomfort and without a second’s delay.

Damn food, how annoying it is to type and eat at the same time. I do not know what they are talking about at home now, but what is happening in the USA. Surely nobody has found out.

I need my lights flash, warnings and more current information. I think someone in the room asked me what I’m going to do tomorrow. Sorry, I’m very busy with what I’m doing now .

Aragón and Andalucía urge to agree on a new model of regional financing without waiting for a new government in Catalonia



Reunión entre Lambán y Rajoy

Meeting between Lambán and Rajoy EUROPA PRESS

The presidents of Aragon and Andalusia, the Socialists Javier Lambán and Susana Díaz, have called on Wednesday to the Chief Executive, Mariano Rajoy, to advance in the negotiation of a new model of regional financing without waiting for a new government to be formed in Catalonia .

Although it is not desirable, Lambán and Díaz, who has received Rajoy in La Moncloa, have agreed that the Executive of Rajoy can represent Catalonia in that negotiation as long as article 155 remains in force. “If there is an agreement on the financing model, that responsibility has to have who has the competencies,” Diaz said at a press conference.

Minutes later, Lambán pointed in the same line. “I refuse to accept that Catalonia conditions more Spanish policy, if it is necessary to reach an agreement and there is no Government in Catalonia, I would negotiate it with the current Government of 155,” he said.

Asked if the Executive of Rajoy would be entitled to negotiate on behalf of the Catalans a new funding model, Lambán has acknowledged that it would not be “desirable” that the agreement be reached with a government that was not the result of the elections of 21 December, but wanted to emphasize that he refuses to “accept that the situation in Catalonia” further condition the lives of Spaniards.


In spite of the difficulties, Lambán has urged that a new model of regional financing be “seriously debated” in the Fiscal and Financial Policy Council (CPPF), where autonomy and the Rajoy government are represented and that the President of the Government has committed to convene in May, as he has informed Díaz and Lambán.

This call by the two autonomous presidents that the new financing model is no longer at the expense of the evolution of events in Catalonia contradicts the position held by the Ministry of Finance, contrary to agreeing to finance without a full-fledged Catalan councilor .

When Díaz was asked about the possibility of agreeing on a new model of regional financing without the participation of Catalonia, he replied: “Why will not Catalonia participate?” Some people are exercising their skills in Catalonia “nowadays , in reference to the intervention of Catalan autonomy via 155.

However, the two presidents have stressed that it is desirable that as soon as possible a new government was formed in Catalonia, with a viable president, without legal causes, that would allow this community to return to democratic normalcy.

The two presidents have also made it clear that in terms of regional funding their duty is to represent the interests of the citizens of their territories, which may not be the same as those of other communities governed by socialists. That is why they have told Rajoy that this is a question that must be debated between governments, and not between parties, as the Executive intended.


Lambán has revealed that he has come to Moncloa with a gift for Rajoy, an edition of ‘El Político’ by Baltasar Gracián, written in 1640, coinciding with a rebellion in Catalonia and with Portugal separating from Spain and in which the author praised Fernando of Aragon as the monarch who “believed that things had to be resolved through politics and dialogue”.

But Lambán has also asked the Executive of Rajoy determination to defend Catalonia as part of Spain. In this sense, he has asked to convene this year, on the occasion of the 8th centenary of the Archives of the Crown of Aragon, located in Barcelona, ​​a meeting of its Board, which include Catalonia, Aragon, Valencia and the Balearic Islands.

According to Lambán, the Board of Trustees has not met for a while because successive Spanish governments have thought that their call would bother Catalonia. But the Aragonese president is in favor of abandoning this “policy of appeasement” that has not yielded any fruit and bringing together the regional governments and the central executive to show that in Catalonia there are elements “so deeply Spanish” as the Archive of the Crown of Aragon .